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Mike Dojc played bass and electric xylophone in the ear searing agro-rock outfit Barf on Toast. After getting booed off the stage for the fiftieth time, the seminal band called it quits and Dojc turned to writing because all his xylophone keys were busted and he needed something to occupy his frantic fingers.

He generates his best ideas while eavesdropping on what the funky people are talking about at parties. Dojc honed his writing chops in the editorial grotto of Maxim Magazine in New York City where he interned after graduating from McMaster University in Canada with a B.A. in English in 2000. Dojc currently resides in Columbia, South Carolina.

In addition to Maxim, Dojc has contributed copy to the glossy pages of Stuff, Shift, Toro, Ramp, 2, FW, Chill, VU, REV, Leaf Nation, Access, Replay, Bell T.V. Magazine, Pursuit, Profit, Money Sense, The Bay Street Bull, Business Sense, Sunquest Magazine, the Entertainment Guide to DIRECTV and many others. He's also slung copy for the not so glossy pages of the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, National Post, Globe & Mail, Metro, NOW, eye, and the New York Press.

Career highlights include lunching with Vince Carter, getting chewed out by an irate Leonard Nimoy, writing slogans for Nike Underwater and Nike Dri-Fit advertising campaigns, naming a whole line of beauty products (, hanging out in the dugout with the Toronto Blue Jays, and dodging flying jock straps in the Toronto Maple Leaf's dressing room.

Radio And Television:
Interviewed on CFRB with John Gallagher (topic: Maxim), CBC Fresh Air with Jeff Goods (topic: Refereeing Soccer), Winnipeg's CKNW with Rafe Maire (Topic: Men's Magazine Phenomenon), Hamilton's AM 900 CHML with Lydia Lovric (Topic: love and Relationships), Off The Record on TSN (Topic: general jock), Extreme 120 on OLN (Whirlyball Expert)

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